Glenn Bray
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not available outside continental United States!

Who? What? Huh?

Glenn Bray is known as a collector, connoisseur and archivist of high and low art. His critically acclaimed books THE BLIGHTED EYE and TO LAUGH THAT WE MAY NOT WEEP: THE LIFE AND ART OF ART YOUNG now have a new sibling. Glenn dips into the pages of his scrap books of flotsam and jetsam and offers the results to the world at large. This A4-sized, full-color hardcover book is ready to invade your subconscious! (note: SCRAP BOOK bookmark is not included with book; it’s just for show.) ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!

SCRAP BOOK is 508 pages of neuron-firing, free-associative found images

arranged with care as a series of two-page spreads that comment and reflect upon each other. By turns darkly funny, apocalyptic and blissful, SCRAP BOOK is a subconscious flow of words and pictures that no one was supposed to save or revere. You’ll see some famous names in the art and cartooning world here alongside anonymous tabloid clippings, forgotten advertisements and bizarre things that somehow wandered into the mainstream. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!

From visually degraded examples of

Xeroxed office humor to elegant works of full-color art, SCRAP BOOK is full of zany inspiration, moments of meditation and a constant reminder of its motto: “No Sense Makes Sense.” Befuddle your brain and slap your subconscious silly with this guided tour through the madness mankind has wrought. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!

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